Nutrition is the very foundation of our health and wellbeing. What we put into our bodies plays a direct role in the way our cells, organs, and overall system function. Proper nutrition plays a key role in healing almost any internal disorder. Did you know that digestive and cardiovascular conditions aren’t the only issues linked to nutrition? Dermatological conditions, sinus issues, headaches, neurological disorders, and even cancer can all be a direct result of improper nutrition.

At East West Integrative Medicine, we believe in an evidence-based approach to nutrition. Our nutrition program is multi-faceted, providing a wide variety of services tailored to each patient’s needs. During initial evaluation, we determine each patient’s current nutritional status based on blood work, physical exam, and current signs and symptoms. We then determine which nutritional services would provide the most benefit. Services include: food allergy and sensitivity testing, personalized review of current medications and supplements, one-on-one nutritional counseling, and small group nutrition classes.

One-on-One Nutrition

This personalized consultation focuses on plant-based/whole food nutrition as well as using food to heal disease. Specific food items, menu options, and healthy food preparation will be discussed.  Helpful grocery shopping lists will be provided.  This session also includes a review of your most recent blood work in order to address specific nutritional deficiencies. Current medications and supplements are also reviewed and specific recommendations for vitamins and supplements will be made.

Small Group Nutrition Classes

Small group classes provide a general overview of plant-based/whole food nutrition and healthy food selections with emphasis on foods that heal disease.  Healthy food options and grocery shopping lists will be provided. Time for general questions and answers concerning nutrition and healthy food preparation will be included.  Feel free to bring a friend or spouse.

Review of Medications and Supplements

Interactions between medications, supplements, herbs, and vitamins can be a dangerous thing.  Just because a substance is natural, it doesn’t always mean that it’s safe, especially when mixed with pharmaceutical medications.  All medicine, even natural, must be administered and dosed according to standard guidelines.  This can be a concern for those taking over-the-counter supplements.  This personalized review of medications and supplements will help you receive the maximum benefit of all that you are taking, while minimizing the risk of toxicity or serious side effects.

Food Allergy and Sensitivity Training

Food is essential for life but it can also create a serious disharmony in your body if you are allergic or even sensitive to it.  The most common symptoms of food allergies and sensitivities are upset stomach, gas, bloating, and changes in bowel habits. Other symptoms include headache, fatigue, difficulty concentrating, and skin issues. At East West Integrative Medicine, we offer comprehensive testing for 96 of the most common foods.  This test measures both true allergies and food sensitivities, which are usually not tested by a traditional allergist.  The test is administered as a simple in-office blood draw and test results are usually available within 7-10 business days.  Results will be provided via email and a 15 minute consultation to discuss results is included.