Welcome, and thank you for choosing East West Integrative Medicine!

In preparation for your visit

  • Please complete all new patient paperwork prior to your appointment via our New Patient Portal. If you have difficulty accessing the portal or completing the questionnaires provided, please do not hesitate to contact us so we can help.
  • Please bring a printed copy of your most recent medical reports, scans, and labs. You can also email this information to us, prior to your first appointment, at info@eastwestimed.com.
  • Please dress in loose, comfortable clothing that can be removed if need be.
  • Please eat a small meal or snack prior to each appointment.
  • Please avoid brushing or scraping your tongue coat the morning of your appointment, as the tongue is one of the major diagnostic tools in Chinese Medicine.
  • Please avoid consuming anything that may color your tongue coat, such as soda, juice or candy.
  • Please avoid drinking alcohol or coffee before your visit.
  • Please try to come to your appointment as relaxed as possible in order to allow your body to accept your treatment to its fullest.

Cancelation Policy

In order to provide our patients with the best care, we require 48 hour notice to change or cancel an appointment.

Please call us at 858-386-7406 or email us a info@eastwestimed.com if you need to make a change in order to avoid being charged for a missed appointment.